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Hi, I’m Ahmet, I live in a district of Adana. I’m married, and I have 2 children. I had never cheated on my wife either until the night of the incident I am going to tell you about. It was July. My middle aunts came to us as family guests. They lived in the neighboring district and were going to stay with us for 2 nights. Dinner was a pleasant five o’clock, and the hours progressed. My wife had reserved a room with a TV for the children. My aunt and her husband said, “It’s hot, we want to sleep on the roof.” they said. My wife also opened their bed in the shape of a terrace checkers and said, “Let’s sleep in the roof, the children will watch TV, maybe they will go to bed late.” said. My aunt and our children were going to sleep downstairs, and we were going to sleep on the roof. My aunt’s husband said, “I’m going to lie down for a while.” he said and went upstairs. The clock was ticking, so we decided to go to bed. My aunt went first.

My wife and I went to the bedroom. I said to my wife, “Let’s do our job here and go upstairs like that.I said. My wife said, “What job?” he said, laughing, “I’m bleeding today, no way!” said. I was so annoyed. I started hugging and kissing my wife, she got nervous, “What are you doing? Are you going to fuck while I’m on my period? It will never happen!” he said, and went upstairs just as he opened the door. i thought about shooting 31, then I gave up, so I went upstairs with the thought (I Decant between my wife’s thighs in the dam upstairs or do it from the ass). We usually sleep on the floor bed. The beds had been close together because the terrace was narrow. Uncle’s brain snoring was breaking the silence of the night, I looked over and lay down next to my wife.

My wife is a 36-year-old, 60-pound, 1.65-tall beautiful woman. My wife and I are happily married. I touched my wife’s buttocks, pretended to lightly strip off her sweatpants. My wife whispered in my ear, “No way! I told you I have my period today!” said. So I quietly said, “I know, I Decant between your thighs!I said. My wife also whispered, ”Ahmet what are you doing, there are guests…”. I waited a while, I couldn’t sleep. My mind was on my wife’s ass. I rubbed my dick for 15 minutes, my dick became like a stone. Now the brain snores of my wife, aunt and uncle were mixing together. Under the duvet, I slowly stripped my wife’s tracksuit to the knee. I was stroking her ass hole with my index finger. I salivated well with my finger, I was obsessed, I was going to fuck my wife’s ass. (My wife and I have anal sex occasionally on her menstrual days.) I also wet the head of my dick and put it against my wife’s ass hole, I slowly started pressing. When the tip slid into it, my wife opened her eyes and pulled her hip forward and gave my dick a little pinch. Whispering, “Ahmet, I told you no, but! There’s a guest, and I don’t want an ass today!” he said, turned around and went back to sleep.

My sleep has also disappeared. I was really nervous. So I turned my back on my wife and started masturbating. The moon was illuminating the earth quite a lot. Everyone was sleeping soundly except me. A little further away, my aunt and her husband were sleeping, and most of the duvet was open due to the heat. I watched them for a while. My aunt’s skirt was stripped off enough to be 5-10 cm above the knee. His legs were in the middle. I watched my aunt’s legs with a little feeling of guilt. My aunt was 49 years old, overweight enough to be considered chubby, and of medium height. My dick was already like wood, I was stroking my dick by watching my aunt’s legs. My aunt moved in the bed with her back facing me. While moving, her skirt was stripped a little more, her legs were opened up enough to show the tip of her underwear. Because my wife is a woman who would be considered weak, sometimes I would dream of having sex with a chubby lady, and that lady was sleeping half a meter away from me. I thought it was unethical to look at my aunt, but I couldn’t take my eyes off either. The devil was poking. I reached out my hand slightly and almost grazed my aunt’s skirt up. My aunt’s panties were completely in the middle now, more than half of her thighs were bare. I put my hand on my aunt’s hip as if it had been an accident. There was no reaction from my aunt, she was sleeping. The plump thighs were burning like an oven.

I was crazy. She can’t believe how I did it, but I was groping my real aunt’s ass between her husband and my wife. Dec. I was off the rails now. After stroking my aunt’s ass a little, I started stripping down without feeling the panties. I was stroking it a little, stripping it down a cm or two more unless there was a reaction. My aunt’s panties were on her knee now. I got very close to my aunt. My aunt was literally burning like a fire. I placed my finger between her thighs, moving slightly Decently, trying to feel the wetness of her pussy. I was officially mad, I was groping someone else’s pussy in my wife for the first time in my life. My aunt’s plump thighs, her pussy like fire had knocked me out of myself. First with my middle finger, then with my index finger, I placed both of them between the lips of Deca’s cunt. There was still no reaction from my aunt. I stuck my fingers all the way through. Her pussy was holding my two fingers warm and tight. I was getting more and more courageous. Now my fingers are soaked, she was doing it back and forth between my aunt’s pussy. Dec. I would have fainted with pleasure, I could not have thought that the ban would be so enjoyable. By the way, my fingers had made my aunt’s pussy very thick Decently.

Suddenly I felt my aunt move and I was very scared. At that moment, I felt how dangerous the job I was doing was. I suddenly took my fingers out of my aunt’s pussy and stepped back. I pretended to close my eyes and watched my aunt with hoarse eyes and in fear, without noticing. My aunt moved her hips closer to me, slightly pulled her knees to her stomach and exposed her ass cunt well. While I was breathing hard from fear, my aunt understood my fear and brought her hips a little closer, grabbed my fingers with her hand and put them against the hole of her pussy. My aunt officially wanted it! I didn’t even have a second left to stop. I stuck my fingers all the way through and started doing it back and forth. It wasn’t long ago, I rubbed the wetness of my fingers on my dick and put the Deckhead of my dick between my aunt’s watermelon ass and her pussy. I was in a state of unbearable pleasure. When I pushed my hip forward, my dick entered another woman’s pussy for the first time in my life to the end.

I couldn’t believe I was doing such a crazy thing, cheating on my wife with my own aunt next to her. I started doing it back and forth, grabbing my aunt by the crotch and pulling her to me, when I found her bottom, I was waiting a little and enjoying it. My aunt’s plump thighs were almost scorching my crotch. I couldn’t get enough of the taste yet, the head of my dick flared up well, I started cumming in my aunt’s pussy with shaking. My aunt was still pushing her hips into my crotch. I don’t remember ejaculating like this in my life, my cum was carrying out of my aunt’s pussy. It wasn’t long ago, my aunt was also enjoying my cock on the clouds. After we both relaxed, my aunt pulled up her panties without saying anything, straightened her skirt and covered her up. So I packed up and returned to my wife and hugged my wife and slept soundly until the morning…

After that day, I couldn’t let go of my aunt anymore, those plump plump thighs gave me an irreplaceable pleasure. We see my aunts more often now and we have been having sex with my aunt every chance since 10 months. This is an insatiable pleasure…

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