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My name is Sibel. I am a stewardess in an airline company. Due to my profession, I can’t spend much time at home because I fly internationally. My husband and I have been married for six years and I thought we loved each other but it wasn’t like that…

My sister left her hometown to study at university and came to us and we gave her one of our rooms. Since we didn’t have a child, there was a vacancy in our house and my sister Sinem filled that void. We were very happy with our life. After my trip to England, I came home tired. Sinem was watching TV at home. My sister is a beautiful and sexy girl. She uses her charm very well. I know your sex drive very well and I usually try to keep it under control because it’s a big city. After resting for two days, I packed my suitcases again and started getting ready. When I got out of the shower, my naked body, which was still damp, attracted my newly awakened husband and he approached me because he knew I was going abroad, so he wanted to have sex with me, of course. We started making love, I took his morning erection penis in my mouth and started licking it, he loves it, His veiny and thick penis drives me crazy, I suck as I suck, we came to the consistency of full fusion and entered me after about 10 minutes of hard sex, we ejaculated and cleaned. It was time to leave the house and I took a taxi and took a taxi to the airport, but when I got there, a surprise was waiting for me. It wasn’t long since I left the house so I went to the bedroom and when I opened the door silently my husband was having sex with my sister I was shocked when they saw me they didn’t know what to do and when they both said we can explain, that’s when I got mad and said explain. Of course, neither of them could explain anything, but at that moment, I realized that I was not really angry with either of them, even I was imagining a fantasy.

I started to undress and they say that I was going to realize the group sex fantasy that I have been dreaming of for a long time, they say boy is our girl our 🙂 brother and husband watching me with surprise thought it was a joke but the truth was I wanted to have sex I could share my man with my brother. I started to caress my sinew, he was giving a blowjob to my husband and my wife was masturbating by grabbing my vagina, it was an incredible pleasure and when the time came, she started to fuck me and my brother in turn. We were both moaning with pleasure, this feeling was something else, I couldn’t believe myself and I loved it so much now, Sinem, me and my husband were quitting double sex work and just making love as a group…

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