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hello, all site administrators, my name is Emre, I am 30 years old, I am 182 tall, dark brown
, married with a natural hair. I will tell you an incident that I went through. Believe me,
it is a completely true story. I was playing backgammon on one of
the site. A lady came to my table, we started playing in the middle of the night, we started chatting, then we chatted a
lot. someone.
We started to tell about our own troubles and my own troubles. Then we took msns
and broke up with each other. We met again the next day. We talked for
about 15 days. Now we were talking about sex in our chats. And one day while we were
talking, I offered to meet with the sky again
, and the room accepted at 12 o’clock. to meet
It’s sozlestık.sabah, I can’t tell you how excited I was. then half an
hour ago I went
to the meeting place. We arranged and agreed on that
part. and he came to the room on time , his hand was shaking when he was shaking
his hand, he was excited , it was obvious. We hugged and our lips came together suddenly.

It was lustful, I can’t tell you when we kissed. then he
went down and put his hand on mine and started
to caress. I was already bored. He already unzipped my zipper and took it in his mouth. ohhh
it was great and he knew it very well he took the heat almost to his throat and took it out again after licking it
for a while he said it’s your turn I immediately
started stroking his tits and then I went outside and put them in
my mouth anyway it was dark no one could see it. we were comfortable. then i put my hand on her
legs i was coming up from under her skirt she
was surprised once again when i got there she didn’t have underwear under
her she came prepared apparently after stroking her pussy I came down
I took the legs of Sevgi on my shoulders and licked her cunt. He was pulling my hair out as I licked
him he was pressing my head hard, he was biting his lips, he was so wet so that no
sound could be made. she recovered, so I took my place, she took my hand, we said come on , she told me to wait, she made a sign for me to come from the ladies toilet, she immediately entered one of us

I started to sniff it, we both couldn’t make a sound again, but I was
squeezing it so fast that I almost ripped it apart.
I was stroking and squeezing her swaying breasts with my hand. Then I put one of my feet
on the toilet and I came back to my life , our lips came together at the same time
, it was great, then we both couldn’t stand it anymore and we
both emptied shakingly , I emptied all of my dolls on the floor . We almost caught your inspiration , I’ll tell you about it in my next story, my adrsım, those who want to meet, I’m waiting for your joint, everything is respect and level

Good day to all of you, provided that it is within the frame of

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