hello i will tell you how i fucked my aunt this summer. after the
schools closed, my aunt came to us from van . I always wondered how my aunt gave it. The week after my aunt came, we rented a sea bike with my aunt and opened for 2 people. Since my aunt could not swim, she was alone and I rented a bike with her and opened up. My aunt was very happy that I did not leave her alone and accompanied her. We were getting out more and more from the shore.

We got away. I said to my aunt I’m going to go to the sea and she wanted to go to the sea and she told me
to hold her, so I gladly did this. First I jumped in. My
aunt was afraid and she said hold me tight. Then I grabbed her by the
waist and pulled her down, then I had to hold
her chest to hold her . mine suddenly stood up. While holding my aunt, she also
noticed mine because she was rubbing it right on her ass. Later, my aunt
said take me out and I took her off her ass and
took her on the pedalo. She almost ejaculated
. I made up my mind that I would definitely finish this job here. Then I came out too, my aunt, on my
erect cock He started to look at me and said, “Is something wrong?”
I said no, what will happen
to my
He kissed me and said, “Look, my dear, look, he’s taking his aunt for a walk in the sea
.” I said, of course, aunty, I’m your friend . Then
my aunt kissed me on the cheek. Then I kissed her on the cheek. Later I
lost myself and clung to her lips. My aunt
suddenly pushed me and said what are you doing
. I said.
He said “I’m sorry” and laughed. I said yes , auntie, you
have a husband . She said yes and I said yes. I said yes if my love is more then I said you know then my aunt suddenly put her hand on my dick and started to put it in her mouth and she said how do I show my love well I also said how is it my turn and I took off her bikini and clung to her breasts my aunt was making light noises and licking all over me. all of a sudden i stared at his cunt, that’s what he wanted

her pussy was a bit hairy but very narrow, apparently she had her uncle’s maiden
turn… Anyway, then I started licking my aunt’s cunt’s cheeks , she was crazy, she was moaning, finally I
can’t stand it, she shouted
I gave it to him and he licked all my cunts
from behind. Then he said from the back, I immediately curled it
up, but it was a little difficult because the area was narrow. First I licked his ass hole while I was sticking
my finger and he told me to hurry that I would be the first owner of his
ass . I started to insert it slowly. It was very narrow.
she was writhing with pain but she was saying keep going. Apparently she had n’t been bored for a long time
. Then she started screaming for pleasure and we both got off. Later we changed the direction
of the bike and returned to the shore . My brother-in-law
was looking for us curiously
. We will
go to him and have his appointment here. My aunt
is unhappy like me because she is breaking up with me, she says to me that you are my husband
, I will never give it to that man again. Maybe we’ll run away soon and get married.

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