The story that happened to me was as follows. My aunt is a 28-year-old housewife with a normal body. Anyway, our story is that one day my uncle
had to go to Ankara
for work and said it may take 1 or 2 weeks
. It was the second day and he called me on the phone yesterday. I was afraid. Sengel
said let’s stay together until your uncle comes, so I said ok and went to his house
, it was evening, we started to watch TV, my
aunt said that I will take a bath and she went and I started watching TV for about 10
minutes. I also had to go to the toilet. It was next
to each other, anyway, I went to the toilet, I went out, I suddenly thought of being hot.
I looked through the hole of the bathroom and what can I see, my sister-in-law’s ass is like a stone , oh my god, she
was such a beautiful ass, I started watching it
for 15 minutes. I watched for 15 minutes. I watched for 15 minutes and there is no place and hole that I didn’t see. It’s now on my
I hurriedly came and sat next to the TV, my aunt said I’m going to
bed, I said ok I watched TV for 2 hours or
so, it was 1.30 am I was going to the room by saying I’m going to sleep my aunt’s bedroom was a little hungry I
went inside slowly she was sleeping soundly . he slowly relaxed. stick my hand in your nightgown

I started fingering your hole, I think I stung it a bit too much, I think he woke up and he said what are you doing I was horny I said I came
to lick you to pass my horn i tied a blind knot , only her feet weren’t tied, i immediately took off my nightgown and snuggled up on the breasts i was rubbing her cunt for 20 minutes i licked it i swallowed i looked all over my aunt she was trying to tell me something i opened her mouth shock

he shouted. I entered him at a rapid pace, a voice called ahhhhhh,
then squeeze me a little faster, he shouted die I
started to explode like an
automachinic muffler.
I turned it upside down and headed for the ass but when I heard this, he said, “enter slowly ,
no one has entered yet, I was deeply rooted
. I left there 2 months later, my aunt called, my husband said, you are becoming a father now.

I couldn’t believe it so I said how are you going to tell
my uncle, ooo he knows, he said the day he came and he knew that he was having a baby. I was
relieved that the child was born anyway
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