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hello, this event I will tell you is true and true, when I read your story, I wanted to write it too, my name is bekir, I am 28 years old, about 5-6 years ago, I was living in Istanbul and I was married, my wife’s close relatives lived in Gültepe, my wife’s aunt’s daughter, bedriye, was a young and beautiful girl. His copper was still intact. He told us that he wanted to come to us one day, one day when I was not working.
I went to break and it was Tuesday. I picked up BEDRİYE from home and we came to Taksim from M. Village. It was 7 o’clock in the evening. The stops were very crowded. We were going to go to Şirinevler. The queue was long and we got in line. The bus was full, I entered the bedriye from the front door and the car was main. It was father’s day. We got very stuck. When the car moved, my close one was standing on the left of my left leg and I didn’t want to get close to it much, but I had to come closer and our skins touched. There was no malice in me, I had a thin skirt on it, and I had wide trousers. she was 16 years old and she was beautiful. The car was full at the stops. I approached the bedriye. I looked at my 16 cm height and I was embarrassed but it was rubbing against his leg unintentionally and the room felt but he didn’t show it, mine’s head was thick and swollen, the room didn’t show and the car

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