Hello, all story readers , I am happy to share with you my real memories and experiences, I am 183 height 79
kg, a tall dark-haired handsome young man, 30 years old, I
wrote a sex memory that I had experienced and there were women who added it from the e-mail I wrote there.
One of them was 19 years old at Marmara University Göztepe Campus in Istanbul
. he was staying with 2 female friends at the faculty of communication, I was
very lucky, he was at my house in Üsküdar We wrote a lot on MSN, talked about sex
, making love, even talking about everything about love, then the camera
turned on and I saw her, long black hair, elegant thin petite beauty,
white skin. She was a beauty that I could not get enough of if I made love for hours, her only flaw
she was a virgin, her name was she missed, she had a lover in her life, she didn’t go further than kissing her
, even a bare man’s skin did n’t even
touch her skin, it would be like a dream to make love with her, we chatted a lot on MSN,
over time we trusted and called on the phone and finally we both
became horny and lost
our desires We met on the beach at 10 am on a Saturday,
I had already told him that I had already told him
, there are daily houses on the beach with dosed houses on the beach, they are rented daily and Kadıköy is very
close to the pier
Of course I had my excitement and shyness but I saw her on
camera oh my god she is so
sexy to even imagine her naked butt in my palms sucking her sweet warm cunt with my tongue
sucking her breasts as if swallowing those dreams were worth it
while we were crying and squeezing
hello we both knew very well that we were going to make love like dogs soon we would
love together while walking towards the house we were staring at each other with
unflinching looks of course I was
looking at his wonderful
hips and girlfriends.
I was feeling already with me in vigorously at Dimdim had been BIL jeans along the way
was going on bella BIL my pants no longer door enters does not fall behind
locked mass does not freeze hugged him I poposunu the two by avuclı the cheek
kendýme pull dudakalr the anti-stick after I avuclı by the gohuslerını
kissing in the neck by standing dudakalr thought gezılerı trembling with excitement
br was strolling in the stranger’s ELI butt and benım stay Dimdim design such as
olmus yarrağı from jeans now vigorously at stake in rolmus ozledim I
do not exaggerate outpatient sarılrık br hugged standing kiss there 10 minutes
I palms touched is it if I said instead, but now mid-size to soyupo SEVIS you
did not want to ultimately have sex with the sweetest most exciting event of the little sex
her games she was discovering the
and having
I said it would be the room and he went to the kitchen with a
smile .

GIT did it the hip in the kitchen While the view is not arkasaındn butt of
mine yapıstırıcak way hug I’ve mild titers were gohus the
handful lArImdAydI hıc you do not stop them off awl ekahv while preparing bıle
ded titer by mild to kıkırdı by mine now vigorously at tender
is hıssetmıs in the butt now I InSAR Andie stand was not there in
uzerındekı I have started to remove the size of heyecnalıydık that the benımkısı
was on the scene to fırlıycak such uzerındekı of disconnect I grabbed her breasts and took her nipples in my mouth
and sucked on her with pleasure, I can’t explain how she freaked
me out, of course I was bad too, I took off my euzeirm
, then I put it in my hand on the button of my pants.
He got excited while taking it off, it’s a little stretchy,
I also saved him from his pants, but I immediately took off his pantyhose and
bent down and put my mouth on that shaved soft pussy and
how am I swallowing that sweet little tongue, how can I not suck, I throw my tongue in the mouth, we can’t talk in the mouth and mouth,
we can’t be speechless in
the mouth and mouth. I pressed her sweet pussy, I longed to say in her pussy, my longing in
my hands is holding her cheeks
, then I turned it upside down and bent down and started sucking her
merse wasn’t ejaculated yet because merse turned her butt a little bit and
sucked her cheeks then i took off the only boxer that was left on me i took off the boxer that was the only one on me i was getting more and more
crimson and it was so hard i stood up
straight i stood up and hugged her butt from behind
i was rubbing her
butt If I said that it was like
it was empty, his heart was beating gummum, he was shaking, he was shaking in a strange way, because he was
excited and emptied, his heart could not stand, no matter how horny I was at that moment, I
thought of him, he was white-skinned and I loved him, I touched these soft
sweet treats my life
Sliding a little while standing up and hugging him before you go further, oh my longing, don’t go
heartily if you want to eat slowly I said
how can you tell us to go fast I hugged her as I grabbed her butt , and we hugged her naked on the bed .

it felt good to touch her too, her eyes were looking at my eyes as if they were going to pop out of her place. I
took her hand and put it on my longing’s neck . that’s the feeling i remember, he was looking at me because even though he never wanted to mess with his coppersmith , then i went out on him

I can’t suck, as if he was swallowing his little tongue, then he was licking ice cream from
the bottom of his pussy to the top corner of his cunt with a long stroke of his tongue,
how I sucked like he was licking the ice cream, he was already shaking, my bottom was so
slippery at that moment his narrow pussy was my thick dick I
would smell it and I would smell it right away this time
i was biting from her
back to her hips i was rubbing her butt i was sucking her back with my tongue i was running my tongue around her legs as if swallowing
and then we were not up anymore she wanted to ejaculate i started rubbing her
butt how i got it on my bottom how i rub her
I don’t want to hurt him. I turn his legs on my shoulder and
they are soaking wet
. I finally ejaculated after a little kiss, let’s kiss, now he got used to me well, he was officially mine , he was mine too, we went under his shower, I couldn’t stop grabbing his cheeks for a moment, I couldn’t stop grabbing his lips and butt, i turned on the hot water and squeaked under water

I’d be a little exaggerating if I said duh that my room petite is almost coming to his chest , since
I’m a little tall , I’m a petite, with the effect of his friction on the white shirt’s nakedness , I would be a bit of an exaggeration . i said, are you in command, I bent down and how sweet he sucked, he was so sweet with every carpet and every smell, I liked it so much, I was going to give it up again and 10 minutes or so, it’s pretty long . to bed and

I was climbing on top of him and rubbing with all my might the bed was
shaking back and forth from our movements he said I want you now he said to me he said so
I wouldn’t have done it but the room couldn’t take it anymore I said are you sure I want it again
he said I’m
sure I
want you snee it was like, then he hugged me tightly and I
sniffed it well it was unbelievably tight, incredibly wet,
a tight pussy, a tight pussy , he wrapped it tightly around me, how hot
it was, I did it
back and forth
Back and slid We Inly to basladim our two freaking cracked such interest
then there was blood picked up from mild to bed froze him on my lap in bed but very
degýl leaks, such as my lap mine is still koklenmıs jump deid
hafıfıt Biaz İnlice by I could not resist from mild to mild began to bounce
by avuclı got the two sides of the I it up assage the kaldırark on
my dick into pussy b I was smelling it and then I was stroking it
again, pretending to slowly pull it out of her pussy. A girl could get bored like that, but then I
took her under me again and put her legs on my shoulders, and finally put
her in her pussy like that and squeezed her back and forth with all my might, but how the bed was shaking, it was pretty
I took it out and ejaculated on his belly and we kissed, then I picked it up in my chest and squeezed it in the hall that day
and threw my 3rd last skin there, I was afraid of longing and
he fell madly in love with me:(even
though we talked about that we were just friends, we’ve been jealous for 1 year but over
and over again. well
I could
n’t stand the
way he strangle me
and I won’t
lie friends took a lot but
Once you’ve managed to leave, it’s finally over.

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