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I want to enter the story right away, my neighbor Fatih Bey
is 180 height 85 kg who directs the company,
his wife Filiz hn is 175 tall, 90-60-84 Super long legged world sweet
beautiful newlyweds 15 days after the marriage, Fatih Bey
went to Malatya for the short term military service. By the way, my name is efe from Antalya
anyway, we
see each other often because I’m out of the door at
Filiz hn
I went to their house just below, they have a very nice house
I sweated, you were so sweaty, she said let me offer you something cold.
I said no trouble, she brought
an ice-cold soft drink on the one hand, while drinking, on the other hand, I know the computer.
I don’t understand computers, but I’m just an administrator, I use a computer
there were smash porn movies I bought and examined it i said phyll hn you know the taste of her mouth there was a black man in the picture she was a little embarrassed phyll
hn 175 height 65 kg brown hair tall woe It’s been 1.5 months, her husband went to the military, after we repaired the computer, which was on fire because of his movements .

I said my sprout, I’m single, I’ll be single, let’s climb my carpet, let ‘s climb my
wall, he said, well, I don’t know, let ‘s look at what you have together, I said
what do you think, he nodded to his mother, I ehmen set
the order, we started to watch the movie, the
arab man is still making 18 crunchy chips with his 20-25 cm dick While taking her, the
sprout was taking shape
, I immediately started to work, I started to caress her legs
slowly, as she moaned , I realized that
her heartbeat accelerated .

it was helping me, I took it under me, I took it under me, I took off her pajamas without taking off her
zuerini and started to lick her pussy, because it was already watery, I put my tongue in it next to her thong
, it’s so juicy, salty, hot, I can’t explain, I licked a little while pressing my head with her hands,
my mouth emptied, I swallowed something very salty , then I presented the flize
to her hand with a 22 cm beautiful piece of iron.
I took her under me and took her legs off my shoulder and left my pussy and my scar
alone with my sting and finding the bottom of it, I
can’t tell you how much, but the warmness was warm and
I filled it and this time I tucked it in from the back while the breasts lop lop iels were going back
and forth, I was in pleasure I felt that I was going to ejaculate immediately I took it to my bottom and ejaculated a bit of it
went to the face and licked them
a lot. We slept a little bit my little one
started to stand up again, the sprout licked
and lifted it again and then the whining came out. he ejaculated like a horse,
the liquids flowed up to my legs, when I was going to ejaculate , he took it again in his mouth
and swallowed it all. We had sex with the sprout until 06:00 in the morning. I didn’t have sex for a week. I didn’t have sex for
1 week. I squeezed the sprout from the buseefr ass and for the first time I smashed the crunchy ass
that he didn’t even give to her husband, I will write soon on
Married couples and ladies around antalya home let’s meet

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