He likes to see me naked, and I like to
walk around the house naked. About two weeks ago he told me that four of
his friends would come and that I should walk around naked with
them. Of course I would like it very much. On the day of our guests ‘ arrival, I wore nothing but
a half T-shirt, a short and tight mini skirt, and high -heeled shoes. My dad said I looked
perfect .
My dad likes to see me in short skirts
because he sees my cunt when I sit like this. When that happens, I feel like a
bitch, and it turns me on. My father’s four friends
came and they liked me very much when they saw me. keep your eyes off me
they couldn’t pull. After dinner, my dad put a tape on video, it was
an erotic movie. My dad licked my lips, he started kissing me. Looks
like my dad was going to fuck me first, and he turned to his friends and said, now you can
see how I fuck him. Pulling up my skirt, he laid me on his lap
and stripped my panties. So my ass was exposed. He
started hitting my buttocks with his hands. We had tried this before, I really
liked the beating..! I stood up and my skirt lay on the floor at my waist and my
ass was now in front of my friends. He went to his room and
brought his belt. My father smiled and started hitting my ass with the strap.
After a few hits he said enough for the moment and stopped. all his friends
They had watched the event with their dicks upturned. My father told me to stand up
and added that he would present my beautiful body to his friends. The beating
I took had provoked me a lot, I liked this situation very much.
I knelt down again in front of his four friends . My father rolled my shirt up to my shoulders
and lifted my skirt up to my waist. Then he started from my hardened nipples and started stroking
my nipples, then my upper legs, my ass and my ass.
While he was stroking me, Hasan kept
talking: -??Look at those tits..see how hot a bitch
she is..Look how hard her nipples are?? he was saying.
His friends were so horny and they all had a hard time
was up. My father smiled at me: -??Mary, I’m sure the four horny men
you see will fuck you well?? said. He pressed my knees towards
me, and one of his friends came towards me with his hard-boiled cock pulled out
. In this situation, I was very horny and immediately took his friend’s cock
into my mouth. Then another one. So I
sucked the dicks of all my dad’s friends. My father finally laid me on the ground
. I started kissing, licking and sucking his dick. After a few
minutes, he took out his mouth-fucking cock and
started to squirt on my mouth with a jerk. A little later, my father
asked me to undress completely. I take off everything but my high heels and I’m naked
I sat in front of four horny men. Dad started fingering my soaked pussy
. Then he took me in his arms and kissed me to the bedroom
There I was tied to the bed by my feet and hands with my legs wide apart . My dad shoved his hardened dick back in my pussy
With her coming and going, I had a very strong orgasm a few minutes later . Then my father got up and ejaculated inside of me. Now it was
the turn of the other men . For three hours, these five men fucked me. Finally, it’s time for them to go. My father gave me his dicks in his mouth for the last time.

take it, you’ll say goodbye better this way, he said.
I took their dicks in my mouth one by one and sucked them. Those who remained idle
continued to jerk off with their hands. One squirting in and out of my mouth pulled back and
began to ejaculate towards my face, while another saw this and
started squirting against my breasts. In turn, they all ejaculated on me

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