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hi ı rifat i tell names differently because it was real New Year’s
Eve I am 23 my wife 22 ahmet 28 Hülya 26 years old ahmet
will be my brother-in-law they invited us to their house we were going to
have fun we said let’s have a good time to have a drink and have fun At that moment, Hülya went to the kitchen and I came out of the toilet and went to her so beautiful that my dick was watering, the nipples were visible, sometimes it was obvious because she had a decollete in the breasts, she understood that I liked her, I was willing to fuck my wife , Ahmet, I asked her what she was doing, she said, why did you come, I said behind my back

He said I knew your future, I said why you are looking at my breasts while sitting down,
Ahmet said I’m warning he said I’m warning I couldn’t stand it and said
maybe I want you with the comfort of your drink I said I want you in love I said
I want you in the room but you married my brother he said no way I said
I was pretty close to death I lay down and kissed his lips the room replied
we kissed a little Now we entered the room, my wife and brother-in-law were very drunk
, even though they had a huge room, my wife’s knee was above her
legs when I came, she pulled it out with the excuse of spilling a drink, of course,
evening we dreamed a lot and looked for an opportunity, Ahmet was zom, my
wife was singing to herself, we were also dizzy
my wife started vomiting I took her to the bathroom at that time Ahmet
vomited a lot and they both were
in the toilet we went to the living room we were alone in the living room at 3 am we were waiting for this to make love with a dream
already he was biting my lips and I couldn’t see any place other than his breasts
his pussy was flowing like a waterfall we loved him to death ahmet and
I will even stay they could hear us for sure when they saw my dick, you should see her blowjob, she was officially
sucking my dick, my huge cock could n’t
fit in
her hands fuck me my love lots

she said you’re fucking sweet and I was sucking her breasts thinly with
my tongue. she went to the bedroom, she quickly undressed, you were trying to wake up the sleeping ahmet, i said what are you doing, i’m going to give him, i said leave me ahmet woke up he said what’s going on he was drunk my wife went to bed right next to him and opened his dick I stayed , I got angry, but it went away

I dreamed, let’s go to the other room, let’s go to the other room,
I said no, come here, I’m going to fuck in front of your husband, I ‘m going to die, I’m sticking my dick in death, I
almost smashed my wife in the room, my wife was
staring at me, she couldn’t stand the dream and
lay under me, I started to make her scream, I brought her to the dog position, ahmet
altana she went through her pussy and I put her in her ass while the two of us were fucking the room she was licking
her sister’s cunt we were all fucking like we were

He passed out with joy and now my wife was hurting from getting fucked that night until
morning we went to our house as if nothing had happened in the morning we never talked about
it we still go to sit normally and they come to us but we don’t

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