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Hello, I am Barbaros, I am 36 years old, the event I experienced is a real event that happened 4 years ago , it is a true story
that has nothing to do with fantasy, I gave a friendship announcement in one of the daily newspapers, many people showed interest in my ad , I lived with many people full of sexuality, but there is one that I can think of even today. Anyway, let me not prolong a moment that excites me when it arrives, if you want, a lady called me with a timid voice, but a very pleasant voice, hello, how are you , I called the left from your forehead in the newspaper .

The shy woman laughed and said no , I’m not studying, I’m working. When I said what is your job, I pretended not to understand that she was making fun of me when she said
my name. I was really surprised when he was 42 years old and I was 32 between us 10 years old. I was actually happy because mature women have always attracted my attention when I asked him about his physique and when I asked him about his physique, he was 175 cm tall but had a structure that would make a model jealous .

I told him and when I said I will come to see you he didn’t believe me and he said are you serious when
I said yes I will come to see you when I said yes when he said yes his
voice was as if he was saying come quickly come love me our topic came to
sex right away when you asked me what would you do if your fantasy was wide I said yes
too much when I said what do you like it has been a long time
that you didn’t make love and even when you were talking to me your femininity was in the water
without knowing me you wanted me so much she wanted me to lick her and fuck her with my tongue come on
love me my love stick your tongue in my
pussy bite me my pussy hurts yes baby now I’m licking your pussy
ohhhhhhhhh our love came out a long word from our mouth
He was telling me I’m waiting for you tomorrow, come right away, so I said ok and got on the bus in the morning. I called the bus to pick me
up from that station at
1:00 . He was very impressed by my persuasive speech to him like that.

When I came to Ankara, he was waiting for me, I had the phone call in his hand. I knew him when he took it
to open the wire. While I was waiting for an old person,
there was a thin model of 175 meters as if I was standing in front of me when I said hello, barbaros, I
even held him by the hand, even behind his black shirts, he
had a startled mood, he put me in his car in a timid state and we quickly
came to his office. He said that the dinner was ready, there were too
many female staff at work, I was saying what I saw, we had dinner, a
friend came and left us alone, he said that he would go to the bank and said
that he would take care of me, the rose was a nice lady, she was at least
as beautiful as my friend, after a lot of chat, my friend came and the rose was up.
The staff was getting emptied because the shift was over, we were left alone. He told me he wanted to show me around the office. While I
was walking around the service, I caught Nejla
and started kissing her lips, she was shaking, she was trembling, she was telling me to
be patient until I get home now, but I couldn’t be patient, I immediately laid her on the floor and started to undress an 18 -year-old girl with an
understated oath.
she had such a hard breasts i was banging
them with my hands her lips were trapped in my lips i was sucking with one hand i was stroking her cunt with one hand i was pulling her mini skirt up and stroking her wet cunt over
thong panties

when I gave it, he was sucking so much that I was trying to pull it out as if his kite was going to fly out of his hand
he was squeezing me like that when I realized that he couldn’t ejaculate me like that, I really couldn’t ejaculate
without putting it in my pussy or your ass . God damn I’m coming late . what would you do, squeaky squeaky he was moaning for me now I’m not willing to let him suffer more

insult me ​​when you said humiliate me, I was surprised once again, such an
authoritative and successful business woman wanted to be humiliated I’m your whore
come on fuck your whore and I told her I’ll fuck you as I want I’ll fuck you bitch believe me when I said I’m a bitch believe me she even
put her nails on my back when i said she had had her organzm again i was about to come i was about to come down i slowly put her legs down my shoulder and put my dick in her mouth take it bitch i’m squeezing i’m going to ejaculate no one will go to waste

we went out and what we went through in your house was the kind that would make
movies jealous I will not enter because if there are couples and single women who want to write me a very long memoir , I am waiting for my email

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