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Hello, I shared with you my story with my mother-in-law Mihriban before. Now we have started
to have regular sex with her . What my mother-in-law likes most is that I tell her how I used to fantasize with her underwear. She makes me tell them and we have very hot sex. He asked if my wife was with me, so I said I ‘d call him . saying. your daughter’s

He lied so that he wouldn’t come home. That night I made it hard in the morning and went to my mother-in-law at 9 o’clock
. He met me at the door and took me right in. He
brought tea and we drank. By the way, I got up to the bathroom, Şahin, where are you
going, you don’t need to have sex in my underwear anymore, how He said, “We’re both together now .” I
told him I’m going to surprise you
. I sprayed the retardant spray that I took with me in the toilet on my dick and on my balls
. When I came back to the room, he asked about the surprise, I said I’ll tell you later,
and we started making love without haste.
I unbuttoned his shirt one by one and sat him on my lap, his hand
was constantly on my dick, I told him not to rush and let each other
We undressed completely and I went down starting from her breasts. It was obvious that he had shaved his cunt in the morning .
I started licking his cunt, he was begging me to get
a lion. When I touched my dick, I realized that it was completely numb and
we went into the dog pose position, I got into it, fifteen minutes later, my mother-in
-law ejaculated. I still couldn’t ejaculate, I lay on my back and
I don’t know how much time passed, but I guess it was at least half an
. Tears were coming from her eyes, she was
crying, probably due to the mixture of pleasure and pain. After a few minutes, I also ejaculated and lay on her. She told me
that she had never had sex with her husband with such pleasure and
She said she had ejaculated many times. When she asked about my surprise, I told her there couldn’t be a nicer
surprise than that. She laughed and kissed me, biting my lips. We sat and chatted for a bit . I asked
her why she wasn’t wearing pantyhose .
Now it’s past us, she said she. I said what’s the matter
and told her to buy especially black and tan stockings. He said it’s fine and it’s my turn to blow your
semen and he started playing the saxophone,
he licked mine a lot due to the effect of tiredness and after it hardened he sat on it
. After a little hopping, I
ejaculated. I said I had to put on
my clothes and go to work. I will continue to explain here

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