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avustralya gerçeklik yıldızı hayley vernon kamu seks video I get up at 7.30 am to go to work in the morning. My cell phone alarm is set to that time, and I always wake up at the same time without bouncing. But when I woke up the other day, it was about 6 o’clock in the morning. I woke up to a noise coming from my apartment opposite. The place where I live is a site with a pool, and there is not much left on this site in the summer. The site consists of 6 3-storey villas. There are a total of 4 apartments on each site. In the upstairs duplexes where we live, there are opposite neighbors and us. The lower floors, on the other hand, come only in summer. For this reason, there is no one else on our mini-site. Of course, you understand why I wrote this, because no one woke up to all this noise except me.

To find out what was happening at that time, I immediately put on something (I usually sleep with a frost in winter) and opened the door. The scene I saw was exactly like this: a woman in a nightgown (our neighbor Emel, she’s very beautiful) is sitting on the mat crying, and her nightgown is slightly torn from the side. I paused for a moment, but then I lit the apartment automatic to help and tried to lift him off the floor. Rest assured, I had no bad intentions. The woman had a fight with her husband as a result. Anyway, I pointed him out and wanted to get him into your house. But at that moment we realized that during the commotion, the door had been closed and the key had been left inside the house. I had to invite Emeli to my house. Although Emel was shy, she didn’t have much else to do at that hour.

I took her to the living room and gave her a cardigan first and then a blanket to make her comfortable. After putting on the cardigan and covering the blanket over her, she started to come to her senses a little and her crying stopped. Of course, I asked what happened, and she said that her husband came home against the clock in the morning, drinking and women (?) she said that she smelled, shouted at her about it, and her husband got very angry and beat her up (the beating was a little exaggerated, as I understand). And when the fight got bigger, the guy left again. And this was after him saying, ”Stop, don’t go…” or something, and the door closed.

I told him not to get too upset, classically. I made him a Nescafe and brought it. He was very pleased with this and told me that I was very polite, that he knew that my divorce from my wife was due to my wife, because he had never been able to get along with her either. Of course, we didn’t get into these issues right away, I’m telling you about where we came from about an hour later. We also put a lot of drinks in the next coffee to calm his nerves. In subsequent conversations, he actually said that he thought he and I might be an ideal couple, and his wife and my wife might be an ideal couple. Because that’s how our characters fit together. We started to talk about these issues more and more deeply. By the way, it was 8 o’clock in the morning, and after I called my workplace and told Dec that I might be late or I might not come at all that day, we continued the conversation.

While Emel was talking about her husband more and more fervently, the topic came to their sex life about him. Emel actually said that she would have left her husband already, but sexually, her husband satisfied her very well. I witnessed this because their bedroom and ours were conjoined, so I listened to Emelin’s screams and had sex with my ex-wife or partners several times, and for some reason my partners really liked it. Because of this, even if I don’t watch porn movies while having sex, I know very well that I turn on the sounds of those movies and have sex accompanied by music. When Emel was seriously describing her husband’s sexual performance, I suddenly noticed that a light passed through her eyes. At that moment, I realized that Ambition had spoiled your intention. I was also provoked by what Emelin told me.

Emelin’s initial anger and excitement had passed, and now she was purposely telling me about the sex she wanted to experience, making long recipes to turn me on. Her only complaint from her husband was that although she was very performative about sex, she was only having sex by taking him on her bottom and that she was not trying any other position in any way other than normal intercourse. Well, the recipe for the dish had been made, and it was up to me to cook it. I gave Emele a nice glass of wine this time, but I heated the wine and put some cloves in it. I did the same to myself. The joke will come, but Emelle and I were drinking at 9 o’clock in the morning and talking about sex. Thus another half-hour passed. Although Emel didn’t say it openly, she wanted sex and she explained it very well with her body language. I am a patient man, I know how to wait if I think the reward will be bigger. So I was accompanying Emelin’s story with my own memories and telling her about my old sex memories that I thought would seduce her more.

It was now my turn to make my new name. Emele said, “Come on, you’re very tired, come lie down inside for a while if you want, and I’ll clean up the mess.I said. Emel also took the signal and stood up. I took her to the bedroom, took out a clean sheet, laid her down and put her to bed, covered her up, then looked at her face as she left the room, looking at me stupid and trying to figure out why I didn’t take this opportunity Jul. Of course I was going to evaluate it, but I wanted to be patient and evaluate it better. I have a half jacuzzi in my bathroom. I went and filled the jacuzzi with hot water, made a nice lather with bath bubbles, undressed and took my bathrobe on, then took a second bathrobe in my hand and went to the bedroom…

Emel, of course, was not sleeping, he straightened up as soon as I entered. I told her that I was preparing a bath, that she would forget all this when she washed, I slowly took off her nightgown and that’s when I saw her beautiful breasts for the first time. Nipples are 1 cm without exaggeration. there was up to and I had never seen nipples that long until today. With my eyes on her nipples, I put the robe on her and took her by the hand and took her to the bathroom, she wasn’t making any noise. I took off your robe, and I took off mine. But there was a frost in me. Then again, very slowly, I took off Emelin’s panties by holding them on both sides with two fingers. I was doing everything in a ceremonial mood. I gently pushed him into the bathtub. He said the temperature of the water was too much. I told him to stand in the water for a while, slowly get into it. But we still added some cold water.

At that moment it occurred to me that music was missing. I put the Memories 9 CD on the stereo and went back to the bathroom. Emel had lain down in the bathtub and disappeared everywhere except her head in the foam. Again, without rushing at all, I slowly soaped Emelin’s arms, shoulders, back. As I soaped, I could feel that the ambition was loosening. Even with just my soaping, their breathing was starting to differ. I soaped the fiber again and this time I started rubbing the front of her body, first the upper side of her chest, then her breasts, again slowly. When he started rubbing her breasts, Emel closed her eyes, perhaps a little out of embarrassment. Now his breathing had begun to change completely.

So I took off my robe. By the way, because his eyes were closed, I immediately took off my underwear and sat down directly opposite him in the bathtub where Emel was Decked out, facing him face to face. Now my feet were next to him, and his feet were next to me. I took one of his feet and started washing his foot and leg with water and fiber that was already bubbling. First the toes, then the ankle, then the calves, I was going up slowly with round circles. And as I went up, I started to hear little moans from Emel. When I was walking around her pussy, she wanted me to touch her thoroughly now. He still hadn’t opened his eyes. Just when I got to her cunt, I stopped there and started lathering her other foot.

I lathered one leg for about 10 minutes and drove him crazy. Just when he thought I was going to reach the goal, when he turned back to the tip of the other foot, he opened his eyes and said, “Don’t play with me anymore, whatever you’re going to do, I’m not used to this!” said. I ignored him and kept rubbing his other foot, ankle, calves. I was getting closer to her pussy again, and she was officially starting to moan loudly now. He wanted to moan and turn me on and get me started on sex as soon as possible. After about a 20-minute foot-leg rubbing session, I let go of the fiber and pulled myself up to him in a sitting position, lifted him up and sat him on the edge of the bathtub with his legs in the bathtub. The waters, soaps and her feminine fluids that were drained from her pussy were dripping into the bathtub…

I knelt down between her legs and felt her body contract before I even touched her. Dec. Or when I’m thinking about whether I’m having an orgasm without touching a woman at that moment, “I figured out what you’re going to do, I’ve seen my husband in a porn movie a few times, men lick women, but no one has ever licked my pussy before!” said. It turned out that this was because of his contraction, and I got into the air for nothing. I have to admit that I was very happy with it from the bottom of my heart, because a little later I was going to do something to him that he would really like very much. Stroking her with my hands and saying nothing, I gradually began to move my tongue around her pussy. She was moaning again and I hadn’t reached her clitoris yet. I started to move my tongue around the lips of her pussy this time, gradually moving my tongue around and making tiny strokes towards her clitoris. Emel, on the other hand, grabbed my head by my hair and was neither pushing me too far nor pulling me back. It was as if he wanted my head to stay at the same distance all the time. He was ashamed to bury my head in his cunt, and he couldn’t push my head back because of the pleasure he got. I was feeling it very well, so I kept Decently working in the same position, but in the meantime I was making more tongue strokes towards her clitoris.

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