「なに勝手に逝こうとしてるんですか?」変態ナースの日常 porno

I’m murat from bolu, 26 years old. We went out to dinner with my
friend somewhere, my friend’s wife was pregnant and they will have their first child. Since the man was very
stingy, he hadn’t touched the girl since 1 month after the
girl’s pregnancy.

Although they are cultured and knowledgeable people, they
haven’t had sex for about 2 months. We can talk about such things because we are
very intimate. One night, I got tired of the heat and decided to go outside and get some fresh air. When I got up, I heard a
moan at the top. I saw that my
year was self-satisfied. I went to him, he immediately
recovered, he was embarrassed, what should I do, but I’m relieved like this.

So I said to him if you want, would you like me to comfort you.
He said it ‘s
okay , I said nothing . I snuggled up, I tried a lot with both my tongue and my finger without going too deep. As her moans started to increase, she started to bite the pillow over her face and trembling, she ejaculated terribly relieved . I lay down next to her and she thanked me. By the way, because my waist is like a pickaxe in a tool , I started to pull it next to her. .Move to get it in your mouth

He did it, I prevented it because he would be sick to his stomach . He started pulling me 31 with his soft hands and after a while I ejaculated.

We slept next to each other for a while, then we both agreed for the next night and retired to our
cabins. This event continued throughout the tour, we were both
happy with ourselves, the change for me was relief for her. Last night she said
that she really wanted to be with me this time . She
didn’t mind me either, although it might be inconvenient
I said we can only do it from behind, because I really wanted to fuck that big ass of hers. She was a little worried but she agreed. I licked
both her vagina and ass hole to make it thick, I turned it sideways and started inserting my dick from behind, it was a little difficult because she did it from behind for the first time. strongly from behind

I pressed it, I managed to enter with its slickness in its oil. The room screamed a little
and I told him to bite the pillow right away. I went back and
forth a bit, he
was more comfortable now, I could get in and out more easily, after a while, I took it out from behind
and inserted it into his vagina .
No problem until the end of the month . She still couldn’t fuck her husband, but I was fucking hard
all year

I am
expecting married couples, women and pregnant women who are considering a serious relationship in this way .

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