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What My Aunt Made Me Experience

It turns out that I have always kept my feelings hidden inside me and suppressed them. If
someone else told such things, I would look at him badly
or curse him.

Anyway, without further ado, let me get into my story. I was only about sixteen or seventeen
years old. I was very comfortable being the only child in my family and all
my relatives loved me very much. I have three aunts and
we are almost the same age as one of them. Most of the time, he would come and stay with us. We used to sleep with him all together
. but until that day, such things had never crossed my mind. Again
, one day we slept together, my mother made a mattress in the living room
. I had no thoughts at night, but when I got up in the morning, I had a movement . It was my
aunt next to me and we were a really conservative family .
I couldn’t control myself on the side.

My aunt was wearing a one-piece nightgown and I slowly started to open the duvet on us .
I wanted to see as much as I could. But believe me,
my heart felt like it was going to explode . And I opened it slowly. I couldn’t help but to attack at the moment. I was in a state of no idea what to do . I was so confused. I slowly stretched my hands to her legs and began to touch them. I was curious about her reaction. But I knew she was very sleepy . .

I saw that she was snoring and she was sleeping so I slowly started to caress her smooth legs
. I was careful to be very sensitive and not to feel
it. It was an incredible feeling. It was an incredible feeling. It was the first time I was this close to the opposite sex.
And it was so smooth and extraordinary that my feet were literally lifted
off the ground while I was stroking her white legs. And slowly
I slid my hands upwards . My heart was pounding. But I
could n’t help myself. and they were so beautiful

I don’t understand. I was caressing her every curve with care and care. I couldn’t stand it anymore and I tried to reach her breasts
by raising my hand a little higher under the nightgown. All of a sudden, my hand touched her breasts and she was n’t wearing a bra. I started to touch her ends slowly and the arrow came out of the bow. I immediately bent down and started licking it starting from her ankles. I started.

I risked everything and slowly came to her calves and
reached her hips higher. They were so cute I can’t explain. I started to touch her pussy with one
hand and knead her breasts with the other
. I tried to pull off her weight but it was too tight so I slowly pulled it
aside and that awesome ass hole was in front of me in all its glory. my
feet got mixed up and i was confused as to what to do because it
was the first time i was this close to a hole. The smell of her asshole blew my mind

I waited for a while, I wondered if
she woke up, then I continued to lick that delicious ass hole I couldn’t stand it
anymore and I took my already throbbing throbbing pile
out of her cage and started to approach slightly and
slowly I started rubbing my cock on my aunt’s ass I
was about to ejaculate .I was literally flying above the clouds and
I started to push that virgin ass hole that has never been fucked, but I was thinking that it would wake

It was impossible for my aunt not to feel it, but she wouldn’t open her eyes.
Encouraged by this, I started to push hard. I looked into her eyes for a while, she was squeezing herself
. Then I creamed my middle finger and started to slowly insert it back into her ass hole . I was shocked that my aunt spread her hips and made my job easier . I couldn’t believe it, or did my aunt want it. Now my two fingers were in my aunt’s ass hole . to the asshole

First, I started to push lightly, after a couple of minutes, my cock’s
head slipped into my aunt’s ass hole like a lap.

I just stood there without moving. It was the first time I was fucking a woman and this was
my own aunt, maybe these incestuous feelings were driving me crazy. I immediately looked at my aunt and she was squeezing her eyes and hugging the
pillow . On the one hand, I was stroking my aunt’s cunt and pinching her breasts like stone . my aunt, even though I got into a relationship and sent a mail

I was still upright in her ass. After waiting like this for a while, I started to move back and forth on
my aunt’s ass. I was able to
move more easily in my aunt’s breast due to my creaming and my tongues . At that moment , I heard a uhh sound from my aunt and I just stood there like a pile.

I looked after a while, she started to move her hips and
from that moment on, the film completely broke and I started to insert it into
my aunt’s ass. I was literally fucking like an animal and my aunt’s
moans increased a lot
I immediately covered us and before I could get my dick out of my aunt’s ass, the
door to the living room opened. My grandmother had woken up and
was in the room where we stayed, the only TV in the house, that is, in the living room. She turned on the TV and
started to watch it with a low voice. I just
stood there. I was about to ejaculate and did not know what to do.

I slowly started to shove it back into my aunt from under the covers. How funny I
was fucking her daughter in the ass next to my grandmother. My aunt was trembling
. Imagine if she realized it would be dusty. After a while, I
poured all my semen into my aunt’s ass and
straightened my aunt’s ass and then myself. While I was thinking what to do
, my aunt pretended to wake up and suddenly got up and went to the bathroom
. Then we all got dressed and had breakfast. I
couldn’t look at my aunt’s face. She was a little more relaxed. It was as if she was
unaware of anything.

This was my first incest adventure, if it is liked,
I will tell you about my experiences with other relatives.

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